Is your startup stalled on the launchpad?

Quickly launch the first version of your product and get your first customers, without hiring an offshore dev team.

Have you got an idea for a killer startup, but are just not sure how to make your dream into reality? Or maybe you’ve got your funding, you’re ready to start building, but you’re hung up on putting together your technical team?

Startups are Hard. Let’s face it. As a startup founder you’ve chosen one of the hardest (but possibly the most rewarding) careers available today. You’ve got to worry about marketing, fundraising, sales, traction, social media, growth hacking, customer support, billing issues, and the list goes ever on and on.

If you’re like many startup founders, technical issues can keep you grounded.

Technical limitations aren’t the only issue that can keep your startup grounded. Lack of focus, etc…


Where you Want to Be

What you need is customers, lots of them! After all, the purpose of business is to create a customer.

Well to get customers you need to have a product, right?

Maybe. Not necessarily.

One of the best ways to see if your startup idea has legs is to find out if anyone is willing to pay for it.

There may be 1001 ways to validate a product idea, but money is the only true form of validation.

There are a couple of ways to validate your startup with money:

  • Cast a vision in people’s minds and then ask them to pre-pay to fund product development. (link to blog: How to get money for a product that doesn’t exist yet.)
  • Create a rough but fast first version (MVP or Minimum Viable Product) and get actual users to pay you through the app. (link to blog: Your MVP only has one feature)

I can help

I help startup founders create the first version of their product so they can launch quickly and get their first customers. What the first version is depends on the product—sometimes it can be as simple as a series of documents that provide equivalent value to what the final product (which might not be developed yet) will deliver. Other times it can be an actual working prototype that “stair steps” up to a higher-functioning later version with more features.

To help you turn your vision into reality, I’ve created two options for you:

Option 1: Custom High-conversion landing page with pre-payment form.

Are you just at the point where you need to validate your idea? You’ve got your elevator pitch down and you need something that you can show to potential customers. Better yet, you need some way to accept pre-payment for your product.

You absolutely can do this yourself: it’s just a matter of fussing with landing page builders, figuring out how to integrate lead generation forms, and putting that all together into a professional, attractive package.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A pre-discovery intake survey that will help me understand your product, who you are, and who your customers are.
  • A discovery session call (90-120 minutes) where we’ll dig deeper into the data that you sent me through the intake survey.
  • A custom-designed landing page (not a template) highlighting your unique value proposition.
  • A payment page integrated with Stripe.
  • A recording and transcription of our discovery call.

The cost of the Custom High-Conversion landing Page is $2,500.


Option 2: Working MVP

You’ve sent up your trial balloon, validated your hypothesis, and you’re ready for the real deal. Now’s the time to pull the trigger on some software.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • If you haven’t already completed our pre-discovery survey and discovery call, we’ll do that here.
  • We’ll narrow down the scope of your product to a handful of must-have features that we can implement very quickly. Each additional feature adds cost and time to the project, so it’s important to be very selective.

The Working MVP starts at $25,000.


Ready to get started?

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