How it Works

  1. It all starts with your idea
    There’s some pain or problem out there that only you can fix. All we have to do is get that idea out of your head and into the real world.
  2. We Create Your Flight Plan
    Where are you going and how will you get there? How will you get your solution into the hands of those who need it? Flight Plan will be your guide.
  3. We Build Your MVP
    We can build your app faster than you might believe. Why? Because we have your Flight Plan to guide us. We’ll bring your solution to the world in record time.
  4. We Help You Launch it
    What good is it if nobody knows about it? We can help you launch your project and get it into the hands of those who need it.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Have you got a killer startup idea, but are just not sure how to make your dream into reality?

Or maybe you’ve got your funding lined up, you’re ready to start building, but you’re hung up on putting together your technical team?

Are you confident that, you hire a developer, they will really be able to take the beautiful vision that’s in your head and make it happen?

Startups are hard, there’s no doubt about it. But don’t let technical issues keep you grounded.

What you need is customers. Lots of them. And to get customers, you need a product. But before you do any of that, you need to validate that you’re building the right product, for the right market, for the right reasons.

That’s where we come in.

We help startup founders validate their product ideas and create their first version so you can launch quickly and get your first customers.

Let's get that idea out of your head. Our free 30-minute call will help you to articulate your idea and see if our MVP service is right for you.

Professional, Custom Design

Design means more than just how it looks. Design informs the way that the end user interacts with your app. What data is shown on the screen, how elements change when the mouse moves over them, and yes, how it all looks. For the design to be effective we must have a fundamental understanding of who is using your app and why they are using it. Every app that we create is uniquely designed and tailored to meet the needs of the job that’s to be done, the users using it, and you. 

Professional, Passionate Experience

If you're looking for excellence in application development you'll find it in Ryan Heneise.

Shane Thacker

Ryan is an outstanding designer and developer who is honest, hard working, and an all around nice guy. He can help a startup get started from ground zero, or jump in at any point and contribute greatly to an organization's success. I highly recommend Ryan and would find it a pleasure to work with him again in the future.

James Higginbotham

If you are searching for a solid programmer who also knows how to think beyond the horizons of limitations, look no further.

Nathan Smith

Ryan is a very capable programmer who is constantly assessing the best way to approach and complete a project.

Dave Lowe

Ryan is fantastic to work with! He is very detailed orientated, a talented programmer, and able to speak both technology and simplify it for clients who are not apart of the technology world.

Robert Evans

Ryan is an excellent developer and just as good a project manager. He is efficient and meticulous. On the several occasions I have worked with him, he has been wonderful at communicating clearly and providing solid direction for the projects.

Matt Heerema

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