Flight Plan

Your map and guide to a successful launch. We help you create a detailed, visual plan of your project and outline everything that we need to build for success.

Flight Planning is an intensive week-long process that culminates with the delivery of a Flight Plan Document: your plan to help you launch your project quickly and with minimal waste. 

How does flight planning work? 

Day 1: Flight Planning kicks off with a full day (up to six hours) marathon meeting where we break out the sharpies and write down everything we can think of about your app.

I’ll come to your location. We can meet at your office, or I’ll book a meeting space. Lunch will be provided.

At the end of the day we’ll have a pile of notes and I’ll have a good idea of the scope of the app. The goal of this meeting is to discover:

  • The unique value that your app provides
  • The various users who will be using your app
  • Any particular technical requirements (API access, etc.) 

Days 2-5: I’ll spend the next five days creating wireframes, visual mockups, and a scope document that will clearly outline everything about the product.

The scope document will contain:

  • Technical requirements
  • Business goals of the product
  • User personas
  • First-person user walkthroughs from the perspective of each user persona
  • Wireframes of key screens
  • Project proposal and bid

Day 6: We’ll meet in person if possible, otherwise via video conference. We’ll need to set aside at least two uninterrupted hours for this meeting, and we’ll need all the stakeholders to be present. The purpose of this meeting will be to go over the Flight Plan Document. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions or clarifications, and to submit revisions.

Day 7: Final delivery of Flight Plan Document.

At this point you’ll have a complete Flight Plan Document. This document will serve as the foundation, the blueprint to guide the development of Version 1.0. Obviously we hope you’ll have us work on the next part of the project, but you don’t have to. 

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